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Amino Technologies wins new Russian STB order

03 April 2013
UK firm Amino Technologies has won a supply contract for its set-top boxes with Russia’s KartinaTV, a provider of over-the-top video services to Russian-speaking communities in Germany, the US, Israel and the UK.
Amino Technologies wins new Russian STB order

The order follows on from a recent contract awarded by KartinaTV to Israeli software company Comigo last January, and involves an unspecified quantity of Amino’s HD-capable single stream Aminet model.

Content packages available on KartinaTV include a wide range of popular Russian broadcast TV services, as well as catch-up TV services plus films and sport programming.

KartinaTV director Oleg Shevchenko said: «We are pleased to partner with Amino as we expand into new territories. Our customers expect a reliable, quality service and Amino STBs help to ensure we deliver on that promise. We look forward to working closely with them on the next phase of our growth plans.»

Following a profitable 2012, Amino has indicated that it plans to make a number of operational changes this year, deciding last December to shut its Swedish office as part of a drive to cut costs, and affirming that it plans to target high margin growth in 2013, using a more simplified supply chain and a more targeted product range.


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