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Ground isolator

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The ground Isolator is designed to provide galvanic isolation between different sections of CATV network.

It is a known fact that quality of electric grids involves something to be desired, with the status of electric wiring in many houses being sorrowful. Under these circumstances, there can exist a high potential difference between neutral conductors of neighboring houses. As this takes place, heavy currents begin passing through CATV cables, resulting not only in equipment failure but often in failure of the cables themselves.

To avoid such troubles, each house, or least houses that are the most vulnerable in this respect, must be connected to the cable route through galvanic isolation. Such an isolation ensures the passing of CATV signals in the range of 5-1000 MHz and provides attenuation of no more than 1, 5 dB (typically up to 1 dB).

A special design of ground insulator provides for galvanic isolation, with the breaking-down voltage being of no less than 2000 V both for the central conductor and for screening conductor, without the screening itself being disturbed as a whole. As parameters are closely related to the design, analogous products of other companies are often similar in parameters and appearance. The use thereof will make it possible to avoid serious failures associated with ground currents of this sort, the more especially as restoration costs after literally one failure may be far above expenditures on insulators.

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