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Optical reflectometer Yokogawa AQ7260

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New portable reflectometer AQ7260 meets all modern requirements for reflectometers and is the best choice in terms of price/quality ratio.

Improved device characteristics make it possible to measure the line parameters more accurately and with higher resolution, from the three-meter optical cable to the trunk lines more than two hundred meters long. Due to the modular design, not only optical units can be replaced, but a printer, disk drive, additional memory, etc. can be incorporated. Modern USB interface allows for connection of standard devices: keyboard, external storage, printer, etc.

Lightweight and compact reflectometer AQ7260 is much superior to its predecessors in the convenience of operation. AQ7260 has a russified menu of on-screen instructions and comes with a user manual in Russian.

Specific features of the model

  • Large screen that can be comfortably viewed from any angle
  • High accuracy of distance measurement and high-resolution readout (up to 1 cm)
  • Dynamic range up to 42 dB, range of the measured route lengths – up to 640 km
  • Mode for stabilized radiation source
  • Enlarged space of internal memory and possibility to connect additional removable PCMCIA and USB memory devices
  • Universal USB interface for connecting of a keyboard, external storage, printer, etc.
  • Additional plug-in printer allows for quick printing of reflectogram
  • High speed of measurements
  • Measurement results can be saved in the format corresponding to standard Telcordia GR-196 (Bellcore)
  • Li-Ion battery, designed for continuous operation of the device for 6 hours, with recharge time less than 5 hours
  • Portable design: size about 299mm x 225mm x 62 mm, weight only 3 kg
  • Can be operated at temperatures from -10 to 50 °C and relative humidity to 95%






8.4-inch TFT color display, resolution 640х480 points

Display horizontal axis

View range

25 m, 50 m, 100 m, 250 m, 500 m, 1 km, 2.5 km, 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, 40 km, 80 km, 240 km, 320/640 km (depending on the wavelength)

Scale shift

From 0 to distance range

Readout resolution, cm

1 (minimum)

Number of points in reflectogram

Up to 60000

Range of group-refractive index

1.00000 … 1.99999 in step 0.00001

Distance measurement

Distance between any two points is displayed in reflectogram as an eight-unit number

Display vertical axis

Attenuation scale, dB/div.

0.2; 0.5; 1; 2; 5; 7.5

Scale shift, dB

from 0 to 68

Readout resolution, dB

0.001 (minimum)

Loss measurement

Signal level is displayed as a five-unit number. Functions of loss measurement at a fiber section, long attenuation, loss at local inhomogeneity

Return reflection measurement

Functions of local inhomogeneity reflectometry, measurement of total reflection factor at a line section


20 Mb
Measurement results and settings can be saved at an auxiliary memory connected via interface РС (PCMCIA)


2 ports USB 1.0; meant for external memory, keyboard, and printer;
auxiliary built-in disk drive 3.5"

Network adapter

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, up to 60 W (if printer is used when battery is charging);


Type: Li-Ion. Operation before recharging: about 6 hours (30 sec. of measurement every 3 minutes, optical unit AQ7260 without integration in energy-saving mode). Charging duration: less than 5 hours

Operation temperature

from -10 to +50°С (during battery charging: from +5 to +35°С);

Storage temperature

from -20 to +60°С

Relative humidity

Not more than 95% (without condensation)

Dimensions and weight

about 299 mm х 225 mm х 62 mm (WхHхD), about 3 kg


Battery, strap, network adapter, operating manual

 Plug-in optical modules




Fiber type

SM 10/125 (ITU-T G.652)

Wavelength, nm



Pulse duration

10ns, 20ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns, 500ns, 1mcs, 4mcs, 10mcs, 20mcs, 50mcs

Distance range, km

2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 240, 320, 640

Sampling resolution

5 cm, minimum

Number of points per sampling

Up to 60 000

Length measurement error

±(1m + 2 х 10-5 х measured length (m) + sampling resolution)

Loss measurement error (nonlinearity)

±0.05 dB/dB

Event/attenuation dead zone

2 m / 15-20 m.

2 m / 7-8 m

Dynamic range (S/N=1), dB



Stabilized radiation mode Wavelength, nm Max output power, dBm Stability, dB


1310/1550 -3±2 ±0.1

Optical connector

Optical adapter AQ9441F

Operation temperature

from -10 to +50°C

Storage temperature

from -20 to +60°C

Relative humidity

Not more than 95% (without condensation)

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