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Optical Fiber cable FinMark LTxxx-SM-ADSS-2kN
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Type of cable:


ADSS (All Dielectric Self-supporting) - optic cable is designed for hanging on poles of communication lines, of municipal electric, between buildings and other objects. All-dielectric cable construction allows its hanging on poles of electric contact networks and on power lines with up to 12 kV.

Cable design:

Dielectric self-supporting optical cablewith severalmoduleslocatedaround a centraldielectricstrength element which maycontain of up to72optical fibers. The space between modules is filled by hydrophobic gel. In Cables with small amount of optic fibers instead of missing modules applied so-called “filling” modules. Optic cable is gaining self-supportingproperties by using in it so called kevlar(aramid) fibers. The outersheath is madeof a UV-stabilized high density polyethylene.

You can choose type of fiber optic that can be used in optical cable (Fujikura FutureGuide – LWP “ITU-T G652.D” or “ITU-T G.655)

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