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Optical cable FinMark UTxxx-SM-03-T

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Type of cable:
6 отзыв(а-ов)
Array ( [8] => stdClass Object ( [mod] => 1000 [base] => 100 [unit] => м ) )
FinMark UT004-SM-03-T
Артикул: 169079
Unit: 100 м
FinMark UT008-SM-03-T
Артикул: 169080
Unit: 100 м
FinMark UT012-SM-03-T
Артикул: 169081
Unit: 100 м
FinMark UT016-SM-03-T
Артикул: 169082
Unit: 100 м
FinMark UT024-SM-03-T
Артикул: 169083
Unit: 100 м

for laying in all types of soil (without cryosolic deformations), in cable-conduit lines and pipelines on bridges and pipe bridges, in tunnels, collectors at the entry to a building, including places infested with rodents, and on the exterior walls of building and structures.

Cable with a central optical module, which can contain up to 24 optical fibers. Armour layer is made from steel goffer band, and apart from providing mechanical protection, serves as a hydrobarrier preventing moisture diffusion through polymeric coatings towards optical fiber. Water-blocking band is laid between armour and optical module. External coating with a thickness of 2.7 mm is made from UV-stabilized polyethylene of high density. For additional reinforcing of construction, two strength elements are placed in external coating, they are made from steel braiding.


Amount of fibers, pcs.

  4– 12

14 – 24

Diameter of optical module, mm



Diameter of steel braiding, mm


Outer coating thickness, mm *


Diameter of cable, mm *



Cable mass, kg/km **



Min. bending radius, constant/dynamic

10 / 20 cable diameters

Max. tensile force, N

2100 / 750 (short-term/long-term)

Max. compressive load, N/100mm

1000 / 300 (short-term/long-term)

Allowable temperatures


-40°C – +60°C


-50°C – +70°C


-20°C – +50°C

(*) - allowable deviation +/- 0.2 mm

(**) - averaged

An optical fiber Fujikura FutureGuide is placed in the cable – LWP (complies with ITU-T G.652.D) its specifications you can find here. On a client’s demand cable can be manufactured with fibers byITU-T G.655

Description of colour marking of optical fibers you can find here

Symbolic notation of FinMark optical cables you can find here

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