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Optic cable FinMark LTxxx-SM-88

Type of cable:

Suspension on the communication supports, urban electric, between buildings and other facilities; completely dielectric construction allows hanging cable on catenary poles or electric power lines with electric field induced potential not exceeding 12 kV at the points of suspension.


The cable with 6 optical modules/tubes , which are wound around a central strength member, which may contain up to 36 optical fibers. Voids between the optical modules are filled with hydrophobic water blocking compound. In a cable with a small amount of fibers, instead of the missing optical modules are used so-called «Fills» modules. The outer sheath is made of a UV-stabilized high density polyethylene. Bearing element (messenger rod) made ​​of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) with a diameter of 2 mm, which provides sufficient resistance to tensile stress, low weight and the absence of any electric influences on the cable.

Here is used optical fiber Fujikura FutureGuide — LWP (compliance with ITU-T Recommendation G.652.D). Upon request, the cable can be manufactured with another fibers (compliance with ITU-T Recommendation G.655).

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