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Optical cable

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Optical cable is designed to transmit data signals in optical wavelength range. The cable consists of one or more optical fibers and mechanical stress, temperature and moisture fiber protective elements.

Fiber optical cables are classified by number of fibers, type of core, laying methods, operating conditions, etc.

Optical cable of internal type contains buffered optical fibers ( 0,9 mm), aramid threads and PVC or LSZH external coating.

In outdoor cables the optical fibers in optical modules are located in the central core.

FinMark cables has two types of core: Uni Tube (UT) and Loose Tube (LT). In optical cables of LT type groups of fibers are located in lacquer coating Æ250 μm (from 2 to 12) in its optical modules. This type of cables contains large number of mechanical protected fibers (up to 288 and more). For conventional reasons for small qty of fibers (from 12 to 24) UT type of cable is used.

There are two types of FinMark fiber optical cables: of underground and overhead laying.

In the cables of underground laying (soil, cable-conduit lines ) the steel goffer band is used. It provides mechanical protection, rodents protection, serves as a hydrobarrier. External coating is made from UV-stabilized polyethylene of high density (HDPE).

The overhead FinMark fiber optical cables of «8» type when central core and carrying strength element has common outer sheath, is used for hanging on supports of communication lines. All Dielectric Self supporting cable (ADSS) or Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) is used for hanging on supports of electric power supply lines.