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BeeSmart IPTV Middleware

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BeeSmart Middleware of BeeSmart Company – one of main components of IPTV and Internet TV systems – is a graphical interface allowing the users to manage video, audio, and data transfer services rendered by provider. Flexibility and modularity of BeeSmart Middleware ensure the successful implementation of new functionality demanded by the market.

BeeSmart Middleware can be used both in traditional IPTV projects and in OTT-solutions (Internet TV).

Due to flexibility and modularity, BeeSmartTV platform allows the saving of initial investments – based on "pay as you grow" principle. Thus, the system may be suitable both for large telecom operators and for arrangement of small IPTV systems or hotel business.

Hotel solutions may utilize such functionality as notification system, greeting of guests, information catalog of hotel, menu browsing and restaurant reservations, ordering system (taxi, service orders, etc.) – using the STB remote control, without leaving the room, directly from TV screen.

Key features of BeeSmartTV:

  • User-friendly interface, which can be reconfigured according to operator’s requirements. Supported option for independent change of GUI and multilingual interface.
  • Convenient Web-interface of system administrator.
  • Reliable authorization system, which allows the authorization and authentication of subscriber units – with assignment of rights for each user.
  • Support of program (EPG) with description of broadcast, fast switching of channels, system of recommended channel list, personalized channel lists for each user.
  • Video on Demand (VoD) enabling the subscriber access to library of video content. The subscriber can independently choose a program and convenient viewing time. Video files can be conveniently cataloged for easy navigation. Preview option, grading of each film, and recommendation system (based on previously viewed materials) are supported.
  • Parental control – enables the parental control over list of TV channels available for children. There is an option of creating an account for each family member – with individual list of available channels, optional change of language, avatar, graphical environment, and other parameters.
  • Option of Internet access via remote control (from built-in browser).
  • Integration with VoIP service extends the potential of standard IPTV functionality. Convenient functions – such as display of info about incoming call, information on dialed, missed, and incoming calls, voice mail – become available from TV screen.
  • Network personal video recorder (nPVR) function enables the record of TV programs and their subsequent viewing at subscriber’s convenience.
  • Option of setting a pause during live broadcast (TimeShift).
  • Support of various game content.
  • Subscriber portal (PC-Client) ensures the access to all services from standard browser (from PC, smartphone or tablet PC).
  • Multiregional and multi-operator feature – option of using a single server by multiple operators. Each operator is provided with own database, interface, and set of services.
  • Support of “PiP” (Picture in Picture) mode.
  • Support of video content with multiple audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Integration with CAS Verimatrix.
  • Built-in instant messaging between users.
  • Built-in flexible system for management of advertising space – based on subscriber preferences.
  • TV Commerce – option of integration with online stores and shopping directly from TV screen.
  • Open API for developers.

Supported types of STB:




SceneGate 8000


Air7120, Air 7124, Air 7120T, Air 7130, Air 7320

Dune HD

Dune HD TV-101




A132, A140, A540, M140, M540


VIP 1003, VIP 19xx


IP 830


Juice Mini, Juice Pro

Jiuzhou JENA



Iphone, Ipad, Ipad 2 (using a special application)


Android-smartphones and tablet PCs (using a special application)

System architecture:


  • Web server Tomcat
  • JBoss Java application server
  • Oracle database server


  • Operating System (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Standard web browser: features: HTML 4.01, XHTML, CSS 2.1, EcmaScript, DOM 2,
  • Unicode character set, XMLHTTPRequest (Ajax ready) or SVG client

EcmaScript/JavaScript client side API

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