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SDI/DVB-ASI Active Signal Splitter PBI DCH-2000AD


DCH-2000AD is a high-density active DVB-ASI/SD-SDI signal splitter, which can duplicate one SDI (SMPTE 259M) or DVB-ASI (EN50083) signal to 4 or 8 signals. In each 1RU unit, either 4 groups of 1 to 4 splitter or 2 groups of 1 to 8 splitter can be implemented. It provides clock regeneration and equalization of the input signals and it allows more than 100 meter signal distribution. DCH-2000AD is a reliable ASI/SDI signal splitting device that could be widely used in broadcast system redundancy.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with DVB-ASI EN50083 and SDI SMPTE 259M standards
  • DVB-ASI and SD-SDI source automatic detection
  • DC 12V backup power supply
  • LED indication of input lock and bit rate on front panel
  • Provides automatic input cable re-clocking and equalization to 100 meters (Beldon 8281)

PBI DCH-2000AD models list:




Number of input interfaces 2 4
Number of output interfaces 2×8 4×4


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