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DCH-2000AV Audio/Video 1+1 Redundancy Switch


DCH-2000AV is an 1+1 analog baseband audio/video redundancy switch. Three groups of independent 1+1 switch are implemented in a single 1RU chassis. Each switch has 1 primary audio/video input port, 1 backup audio/video input port and 2 audio/video output ports in mirror. The primary port is automatically switched to the back-up port in case of primary port failure by using built-in analog video signal quality monitor. The change-over condition is the detection of consecutive synchronization of analog TV signal. DCH-2000AV uses RF Relay switch to ensure reliable transition from primary to secondary input port in the case. With its high performance and stability, DCH-2000AV is an ideal product for broadcast system redundancy.

Main Features:

  • 3 groups of 1+1 redundancy switch in compact 19”1RU chassis
  • Support NTSC, PAL and SECAM standards
  • Automatic or manual switching mode selection
  • User-configurable automatic switch back to primary
  • Remote Control and Supervision by HTTP WEB


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