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Ethernet cable FinMark UTP CAT5e
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Cable type:
Conductor material:
Number of cores:

 Application: for fixed cabling inside of buildings, plants, premises and equipment. Cable shell is made from polyvinylchloride elastron (PVC) of grey color. Outer cable diameter is 5 mm.

The main electric properties:

  • Impedance (100±15) Ohm
  • Direct current resistance is 94 Ohm/km
  • Maximum, minimum and average operation temperatures;
  • Propagation velocity is 0,68×s

Mechanical properties:

  • Cable consists of 4 pairs of conductors weaved between each other.
  • Conductor material: copper wire of 0.51 mm in dia (24 AWG)
  • Conductor insulation is polyethylene, conductor diameter in insulation is 0.9 mm
  • Temperature range:
  • installation -10 °C … +60 °C;
  • operating -30 °C … +60 °C.
  • Minimal bending radius:
  • During erection (dynamic) ≥ 8 x cable diameters.
  • After erection (constant) ≥ 4 x cable diameters.
  • Tensile load ≤ 85 Н
  • In cable there is applied conventional color identification of conductors:
    pair 1: white-blue ⁄ blue
    pair 2: white-orange ⁄ orange
    pair 3: white-green ⁄ green
    pair 4: white-brown ⁄ brown

    Packing: Cable is packed into carton boxes as per Reelex principle, allowing pull cable end out freely except for cable with steel carrying wire. Due to strong rigidity self-carrying cable is wound like coil and packed in carton box.


In this article one can introduce oneself with recommendations referring selection of qualitative cable.

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