Modular Media Converter RGB MMC

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Modular media converter MMC is ideal for head-end stations with input and output ASI interface. MMC allows conversion and routing of input streams from any input ASI interface to any output Ethernet interface and vice versa. This equipment supports the video of any standard definition (SD, HD) and compression format (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 H.264/AVC or VC-1). One MMC rack can contain up to 24 ASI interfaces (4 ASI modules) and up to 8 Ethernet interfaces.

MMC is provided with support of “backup on exit” function, which enables the connection of more than one IP output to one ASI input and vice versa – connection of more than one ASI output to one IP input. In this mode, cut-through transfer of all flows (including the service tables) is implemented.

Modular design determines the scalability, which in turn allows the gradual build-up of configuration in accordance with demanding requirements of the operator. MMC fully supports the MPEG-2 standard and is compatible with any standard equipment for digital TV networks.

MMC is configured via user-friendly graphical web-interface or via the SNMP protocol.


Example of network architecture with use of ASI-GigE and GigE-ASI transformation


Distributed architecture: individual BNP per each region

Technical features

Input/Output Interfaces

Gigabit Ethernet

Fast Ethernet


8 SFP interfaces – copper or optical

1 10/100BaseT control and management interface

Up to 24 ASI ports per chassis

Up to 4 ASI modules with 6 ASI ports each

Software configurable as input or output

213 Mbps data rate/port

Video Formats

MPEG Profile and Level

All SD and HD Resolutions

MPEG-2 MP@ML (SD) and MP@HL (HD)

MPEG-4/H.264/AVC (all profiles supported)

All NTSC and PAL resolutions (transparent)

Audio Formats

All audio formats (transparent)

Regulatory compliance


Electro Magnetic


FCC Part 15, Class A, EN55022, EN55024


Input Power

Power Consumption

Line Frequency




AC: 100-127 VAC @ 1.4A to 200-240 VAC @ 0.8A

DC: 48VDC @ 3.5A (range 36-75VDC)

175 W maximum – fully loaded

50-60 Hz

1 rack unit – 1.75Ѕ H x 19Ѕ W x 23Ѕ L (43.6 H x 433 W x 583 L mm)

< 30 lbs. (11.34 kg)

Front to back


Storage Temperature

Operating Temperature


-40° to 70°C

0° to 40°C

5% to 95% (non-condensing)

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