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Trilink 5/8FTU-RG11C
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Connector Type:
Method of installation connector:
Under the cable:

Trilink 5/8FTU-RG11C cable connector is designed for cables of 11 series (F1160, F1190). It is used for cable connection for 5/8” cable TV equipment ports (optical receivers, trunk and sub-trunk amplifying distributional equipment).

Cable connector is fixed using special tool OB 6/11. Once crimped the connector is irrremovable. It has thin-wall internal sleeve which provides reliable electric contact with braid coating.

Special connector design allows connection to the equipment without cable twisting. Locknut ensures the reliable fixing after connection.

All metal connector parts are made from nickel plated brass which provides a reliable electric contact and corrosion protection.
Trilink 5/8FTU-RG11C has rubber seals that ensure moisture protection.

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