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CryptoGuard CAS


CryptoGuard CAS - is conditional access system for digital TV. Cable TV operator has full control of the subscribers access to TV channels and individual programs. Digital TV signals are transmitted to the network in an encrypted format that allows to restrict access to them and provide access only on a paid subscription.

Many manufacturers and content owners also require that their TV programs would be distributed only in a closed/ encrypted form. In order to view encrypted channels your subscribers should have a special smartcard inserted into the subscriber  boxes (STB) or in a conditional access module (CAM). CryptoGuard CAS complies with all technologies: satellite TV, cable TV, digital terrestrial TV and IPTV. All formats whether SD or HD are also supported.

Guaranteed protection

CryptoGuard cards are protected against all known hacking techniques of scrambling systems. It gives you and your customers maximum protection from pirates, and you as the operator ensures maximum sales level.
Pirate cards can not be used to unlock the Cryptoguard codes. CryptoGuard company is so confident in this that guarantees replacement of keys and code of existing smartcards. One of the conditions is that you use CryptoGuard smartcards with the approved/adopted STB and CAM.


CryptoGuard encryption system includes effective protection against card sharing without any additional costs. Subscription smartcard paired with STB or CA module forms an integrated whole. Card works only for one subscriber. This is called «pairing» and means that the secret key can not be distributed via the Internet. Many content holders  insist that pairing necessarily would be used for HD quality programs distribution.

Cryptoguard CAS  server architecture

CryptoGuard server includes:

  • Subscriber management system (SMS)
  • ECM and EMM Generator
  • Generator of PSI / SI tables
  • Server to update all boxes via OTA (over the air) upgrading
  • Generator and editor EIT

Inside the ECM are transmitted the  encrypted CW audio and video streamings using the operating keys. CW are transmitted in pairs (even and odd, in fact, the current and the next), which allows the receiver to start descrambling immediately after setting up a program. ECM transmits extra information that determines whether each subscriber is allowed to view the current program. Also in the ECM are transmitted the current date and time, which are compared with the  subscriber*s subscription period for the program or program package.

In EMM generator the individual and group data of the subscriber are transmitted, including the abolition of subscriptions. Through EMM the existing keys can also be updated. To encrypt data and to generate control sum  in EMM are used management keys or master keys. Management keys are usually weaved into the smart card during its manufacturing and will never change.

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