Conditional Access System CAS CTI

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Conditional access system is designed to encode the transmitted video and/or audio stream – to prevent its viewing and/or listening by third unauthorized parties. Control of this process is realized with use of encryption and authorization (for users in digital TV system) program.

Beijing Compunicate Technology Inc. – leading provider of conditional access systems in China involved in research and development of these systems for more than 10 years.

System functions:

Control over encryption of traffic stream

Management, access granting, and authorization of users

Management and delivery of encrypted code words and keys


Adapted encryption algorithm, multi-level key circulation system

Arbitrary update of keyword (5-10 sec), controlled update

Change in sequence of broadcast modes (e.g., pause during authorization, removal of current smart card number, etc.)

Supported management of authorization validity – to prevent the viewing of programs beyond the allowed time period

Smart card security:

Highly reliable chip

Encryption mechanism is developed directly by CTI, which contributes to its reliability

Use of various data-protection technologies

Use of well-known and special encryption algorithms – to protect the privacy of transmitted data

Downloading of codes and algorithms

Authorization mechanism and security strategy. Prevention of unauthorized access

Standards and compatibility:

Coding system is the international standard with its own SYSTEM ID, which was registered at DVB organization.

For the first time, the system was deployed in China (CETV). The system is fully compatible with Simulcrypt standard (EN 103 197). Simulcrypt was implemented in the most of CAS-products, which received the network access certificate from State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China.

The system can be integrated with the most of SMS, multiplexers, scramblers, and STB.

Key features:

Support of installing the backup equipment for the entire system; high efficiency and error recovery option

Real-time monitoring of operation status (system and each component of CAS-network)

Various modes of control, configuration, and authorization of devices (combined with flexible system of providing the service packages)


Powerful addressing system: including the individual, group, and logical addressing

Support of regional/user control, setting of attributes depending on addressing mode

Application can be loaded to STB/smart card, thus changing the reception and management functions

Short Message System, OSD or B_MAIL

Regional distribution function (management of subscribers, regional addressing, control information)

Frequency change mode: forces the change of frequency and service ID at STB

Parental lock: users can set the access restriction levels for STB programs

Write protection: transmission of program can be enabled or disabled for record

Linking: certain card can be "linked" (used) at specific STB only

Multi-level CA system: possible use of up to 4 levels

Flexible authorization system: free transmission of programs, preview, temporary broadcasting (10 to 455 minutes since the first show)

Performance parameters:

Maximum number of subscriptions: 3 million

Number of controlled channels: 8*256 = 2048, classifications: 256, levels: 256

Maximum number of subscriptions per sector: 4 (each sector has an absolute data key; support of multi-level authorization).

Maximum number of program providers: 8

Transfer rate: EMM 100-1500 packages per second (0.15-2.2 Mb/s bandwidth), ECM 2-5 packages/s per channel

20 TS can be controlled by one ECMG or EMMG


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