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Conditional access systems and EPG

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Conditional Access System CAS CTI

Conditional access system is designed to encode the transmitted video and/or audio stream – to prevent its viewing and/or listening by third unauthorized parties. Control of this process is realized with use of encryption and authorization (for users in digital TV system) program. Beijing Compunicate Technology Inc. – leading provider of conditional access systems in China involved in research and development of these systems for more than 10 years.
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Manufacturer: CTI

Conditional Access System Verimatrix VCAS

Verimatrix Company – leading designer of media content protection system – represents a decision ensuring the high degree of content protection and preservation. This is achieved via implementation of digital signature technology along with the latest developments and know-how in the filed of content protection.
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Communicate EPG server

SI-EPG System provides electronic program guide for digital TV subscribers so that subscriber could find his favorite programs conveniently and rapidly, look over additional information of programs. It also provides the operators a high efficiency management platform which carries out automatic management of producing, editing, censoring, scheduling, uploading and broadcasting for operators management of broadcasting service information.
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Manufacturer: CTI

CryptoGuard CAS

CryptoGuard CAS — is conditional access system for digital TV. Cable TV operator has full control of the subscribers access to TV channels and individual programs. Digital TV signals are transmitted to the network in an encrypted format that allows to restrict access to them and provide access only on a paid subscription.
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Manufacturer: CryptoGuard

This section represents conditional access systems designed to encode the transmitted stream of video and/or audio data – to prevent their viewing and/or listening by third unauthorized parties.