Optical fiber cleaver MAX CI-01

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Наименование Код Наличие Ед.измерения Цена Количество
1 Optical fiber cleaver MAX CI-01 167826 pcs.

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Cleaver Ilsintech MAX CI-01 is a simple, cost-effective and popular model of the optical fiber cleaver.

Cleaver Ilsintech MAX CI-01 is a simple and cost-effective and therefore popular model of optical fiber cleaver. The advantages of MAX CI-01 is necessary to carry compact, ergonomic design, built-in key lock to position the 16-position blade and built-in line to control the length of the fiber shear.



Specifications MAX CI-01

applicable fiber standard 125 micron fiber
The diameter of the fiber protective coating 250 – 900 mkm
Angle cleaved
90° ± 0,5°
The length of the fiber coating peeled from 5 – 20 mm
The minimum resource knife 48 000 chips
Dimensions, mm 58 х 55 х 48
Weight, g 360

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