Unmanaged converter chassis FoxGate EC-F14

Код: 049132
Gross (weight):
5.9 kg
3 отзыв(а-ов)

New variant of 14-slot chassis FoxGate allows to create integrated decision on base of media converters through line FoxGate. Chassis allows you to install several media converters into 19 inch column along with those network devices for which it is required to transform data transmission environment, This provides space saving and your SKS will appear accurate. In chassis one can allow erection of both classical media converters FoxGate with ac power adapter and SFP media converters.

Chassis allows to perform hot swapping of any element (media converter)

Sizes: 2U 19″
Supply: Chassis as per selection is completed with as both the main (model EC-F14-single) and standby (model EC-F14-double) power unit both for 220 V and for 48 V. Output supply: +5V DC per each slot, 12A

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