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"DEPS Ukraine" conference in Donetsk city

20 грудня 2011

December 6, 2011 in Donetsk city, the company "DEPS Ukraine" organized and conducted practical conference for cable TV operators and Internet providers.

The aim was to share experiences, to introduce partners with new equipment and solutions for the construction of optical networks, networks of Ethernet, Digital TV, IP TV and cable TV networks, to meet and socialize with colleagues and to establish new business relationships.

Victor Skrypnyk ,  director of the "Ukrteleset" association  and the guest of honor  of the conference , made an opening speech, highlighting the importance of professional communication.

During familiarization with the equipment for the optical networks construction , the speakers were touched and examined in detail the advantages of optics in the networks of cable TV, new aspects of optical access networks, FTTH.

Also the architectures of optical access networks, FTTB and FTTH were compared  and the problems of FTTH networks building at the physical level and their solutions  were identified.

Particular attention was paid to the specifics of optical lines construction for cable TV at a wavelength of 1550 nm, to the optical cables, connecting, mounting and measuring equipment. Problems with laying and installation of optical cables were discussed, also there were presented  various accessories for suspension of optic cables, a tool for working with cable and fiber, and were demonstrated current models of fusion machines for optical fibers splicing.

Also a detailed review of the equipment for  networks building  based on Ethernet, CWDM, PON, DOCSIS and EoC technologies was made at the conference .

Huge interest was aroused by reports devoted to the construction  of  hybrid head-end stations of digital TV including all necessary hardware and software. Were presented and described specific solutions based on manufacturers equipment such as PBI, Teleste, Appear TV and Arris.

As continuation of the theme of universal head end stations was to define monitoring tasks of the hybrid networks of digital TV at all levels. Particular attention was paid to the developments of Bridge Technologies in monitoring and analyzing of  digital TV networks .

The Conference was accompanied by an extensive equipment exhibition.

At the end of the conference special prizes were drawn among the participants .

After completing the main part of the conference participants during the stand-up party had the opportunity to ask questions to our experts and to discuss important business problems.

The Conference was a significant meeting both for the  "DEPS Ukraine", and for its partners. It was a good opportunity to exchange information, discuss issues of cooperation, to understand the trends and needs of the modern telecommunication market.

We thank all guests for active participation and invite to further cooperation!

Special thanks to the information sponsor - the Association "Ukrteleset"!

Photographs, as well as the presentation of reports  will appear on the site in the near future,  we will inform about it by special message.


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