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"DEPS Ukraine" became an official distributor of “SSD” company in Ukraine

08 июня 2012
"DEPS Ukraine" became an official distributor of "Svyazstroydetal" (SSD), the Russian company which is one of the largest fiber optic equipment manufacturers on Russian market. SSD equipment has quality control at all stages of production.

"Svyazstroydetal" company was founded in 1993 and today is a leader in design and manufacturing of fiber optic closures for optic cables on Russian market. "Svyazstroydetal" closures are widely used by construction companies, such as "Mostelefonstroy" LLC, by network operators, members of "Svyazinvest", "Rostelecom" LLC, MGTS, by alternative operators (Transtelecom, MPS, Sovintel etc.).

The SSD staff is constantly engaged in research of new materials and solutions, in developing, production, launching and improving of its own products. Due to cooperation with research institutes with design offices, factories, and other organizations the product update is available.

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