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DEPS conducts advanced training courses in the field of telecommunications and information systems for all interested enterprises in Ukraine and individuals.

Training is ongoing

DEPS Training Center

We train IT-specialists taking into account the modern needs of the telecommunications market and global trends in the development of telecommunication systems. Our graduates receive unique technological knowledge and practical skills, which in the future helps them get jobs in leading IT companies in Ukraine, Eastern, Central and Western Europe.

After completing targeted training at the selected training course, we assist graduates in international certification at our partner’s authorized test center, Pearson VUE (Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center).

Graduates will be able to confirm with international certificates their practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the operation of modern telecommunication equipment, active and passive elements of telecommunication networks.

International certification of our graduates offers many advantages:

  1. A graduate is assigned a high professional status and opens up great opportunities for career prospects.
  2. The certificate is recognized in more than 150 countries of the world.
  3. The graduate has the prospect of applying for a higher level of wages.

To date, the list of training courses has more than 100 items.

Why you need to study with us:

  • We constantly monitor the needs of the IT industry and offer demanded modern and high-quality knowledge.
  • Training is organized at a time convenient for you. The faster you apply the acquired knowledge, the more you will earn.
  • Our certified instructors and teachers have many years of practical and teaching experience, invaluable experience in teaching adults. They really do what they teach.
  • The training materials are made in normal human language: the complex becomes simple and understandable.
  • An acceptable timetable for you. You can easily combine work, study and normal human life.
  • The most convenient location of training sites.
  • An individual client-oriented approach - the possibility of creating a personal schedule.
  • We work year-round, unlike other training centers at universities, which in the winter for 2 - 3 months "rest" for the economy mode, and in the summer, all teachers are sent on vacation for 56 days.
  • Formation of training programs for corporate customers in full accordance with their needs and tasks.
  • We apply several forms of training - full-time (traditional) training, distance learning (the listener only needs access to the Internet), blended learning (part of the course is mastered in remote mode, the practice is practiced in-person in the laboratory).
  • Classical universities, as a rule, are 5-7 years behind the development of modern telecommunication technologies.

Need to train professionals? We will train them according to the needs of your company!

You have no job? Learn and get a job! Your future is in your hands.

Want to test your strength abroad? Training is conducted according to international certification programs.

The knowledge gained is in demand not only in Ukraine, but also abroad!

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