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A unique offer for the Arcotel WT-1550 A-18 optical transmitter!

22 May 2012

Arcotel WT1550 A-18 optical transmitters of 1550 nm range with outer optical modulation are on sale now. Its price is 61 221 UAH (VAT included) apiece!

A unique offer for the Arcotel WT-1550 A-18 optical transmitter!


  • Cost-effective, reliable, broadband, optical transmitter with wave length of 1550 nm;
  • Signal outer modulation enables CATV signal transmission at distances up to 100 km;
  • SBS suppression threshold up to 18 dBm (13/16/18 dBm switchable threshold );
  • 2 optical outputs> 7 dBm;
  • RIN Low noise level <157 dB / Hz;
  • High-quality of analog and QAM signal transmission at range of 47-862 MHz;
  • The automatic adjustment system ensures optimum performance of the modulator under input signal of 78-88 dBuV;
  • 2 embedded power supply units with automatic redundancy;
  • Microprocessor control of output power, and of laser and modulator operation modes.

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