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95% of OTT subs unwilling to let advertisers near their data

06 August 2015

95% of consumers using catch up services are unwilling to allow media companies to share their personal data with a third party, according to the findings of the KPMG Media Tracker.

95% of OTT subs unwilling to let advertisers near their data

The survey of 1,500 households revealed younger consumers to be particularly concerned about data privacy, with 97% of 18 to 24 year olds refusing to allow their details to be passed on, regardless of the benefits offered in return.
This trend jars with demands from advertisers, who want increasing access to customer data as they try to refine their campaigns and hone in on their intended market.

“This questions the assumption that the younger generation is comfortable sharing their data if there are benefits offered in return,” comments David Elms, Head of Media at KPMG. “Generation Z places a high price on privacy, and while some personalisation may be welcome to improve their viewing experience, they are not prepared to readily offer up their data.”

Those surveyed also said they were in favour of net neutrality, with 66% believing all internet traffic should be treated the same.
“Consumers of media have made it clear that they are strong supporters of net neutrality and do not believe that companies should be able to pay to prioritise their internet traffic,” adds Elms.

“However, if faced with an environment where internet speeds were being heavily impacted by the sheer volume of content being downloaded, I wonder if this view would shift as consumers increasingly struggled to access their content. It could be that in this scenario we see more support for a tiered internet, but at the moment consumers seem to be resoundingly in support of net neutrality.”

Graeme Hutcheson, Head of Sky AdSmart, Sky AdSmart will be looking at “Enabling Addressable Advertising” at this year’s OTTtv World Summit (9th – 12th November 2015 Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London)

Source: iptv-news.com


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