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Samsung gets behind push for 4K VOD

02 September 2014

Samsung Electronics announced its plans to further expand its UHD ecosystem by working with global content partners to help accelerate consumer adoption and access to UHD content.

Samsung gets behind push for 4K VOD

The company plans to launch Amazon’s UHD VOD service in October globally, and has also expanded Netflix’s UHD VOD Service in Europe, which has been available in the US and other countries since last March. Netflix kicked off its UHD streaming service with «House of Cards Season 2,» a popular US TV series, which is now available on Samsung’s UHD TV.

Samsung also reinforced its cooperation with major European content partners, including maxdome, Wuaki.tv, and CHILI to secure more UHD content to work towards a more robust UHD ecosystem.

«The era of UHD has begun, and to continue even more widespread adoption, it is important to provide consumers with more choices when it comes to UHD content,» says Won Jin Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. «We are providing our customers with a wider array of UHD content to enjoy on our ultra-immersive Curved UHD TVs.»

Source: iptv-news.com

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