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OTT hits 75% for connected TVs

08 October 2013

Interesting statistics from The NPD Group’s latest Connected Intelligence Apllications and Convergence Report, which reports that OTT is the leading manner of accessing video content on connected TVs for 18-34 year-olds.

OTT hits 75% for connected TVs

According to the research, a striking 75% of those surveyed utilise their connected TVs for OTT, whereas only 68% make use of them for cable, satellite, or telecom TV provider services, with Netflix remaining the most popular service among the 18-34 demographic.

«The younger consumer has come to expect a broadband experience from any screen they come in contact with, and their TV is no exception,» says director of devices at NPD Connected Intelligence John Buffone. «The pendulum is continuing to shift among younger viewers as each quarter we see more homes connecting their TVs to the Internet. The pace by which networks develop their digital services for the TV screen will increasingly drive brand equity, viewership, and subscriptions among the critically important under 35 demographic who has become captivated by the availability of OTT video.»


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