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Seven in 10 watch TV on the go

30 August 2013

More than seven in 10 consumers now watch TV on mobile devices and on the move, a new study from Ericsson ConsumerLab says.

Seven in 10 watch TV on the go

Ericsson’s fourth annual study, of more than 15,000 people worldwide, found that 72% of people now watch TV on their mobile devices and in multiple locations at least weekly, with 42% using these devices outside the home.

The study says that mobile apps and OTT services are challenging existing business models – but in the US it says that around the same number of people are increasing their spending on TV packages (25%), as are decreasing their TV spending (24%).

Ericsson says VoD remains popular with all age groups, with use increasing from 61% in 2011 to 63% in 2013. The study says that VoD has grown dramatically among the over-65s, with the rate now at 40%.

Ericsson also reports “place-shifted viewing”, a new trend for people to watch one piece of content across several locations and times. It says more consumers like “a la carte” video content. It said that the ease of setting up and using OTT channels would make it easier for consumers to watch whatever content they wanted.

The five most important features for consumers’ TV experience were found to be: no ads, HD quality video, on-demand content, simple-to-use interfaces and a la carte TV. The five least important were: personalised apps, video telephony, apps on the TV, watching different camera angles and interactive TV.

More than half of respondents say their internet connection is integral to their TV and video consumption habits.

Ericsson ConsumerLab senior researcher Anders Erlandsson said: “There is a continuing re-definition of television and video among consumers. Given that 82% of people use YouTube or similar services at least monthly, we had to wonder whether watching a recipe online in the kitchen counts as ‘watching TV’ or just ‘getting instructions’.”

“The quest has begun to become the first easy to use, à la carte TV solution provider that aggregates consumer TV and video needs. Consumers rank having an à la carte TV offering as the fifth most important aspect of their viewing experience.

“All in all, it’s not yet time to say goodbye to classic television viewing,” added Erlandsson. “Linear TV still has an important role for consumers, and we don’t see any decline in frequency of usage. For example as many as 36 per cent of respondents feel that watching live sports is a very important part of their TV habits”.


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