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Bridge Technologies OTT Engine Now Shipping

18 September 2012
Bridge Technologies has announced that its OTT monitoring engine is now shipping for all Bridge Technologies probes. The OTT engine can be added as an option to the entire line of rack mounted and portable probes, to give true end-to-end OTT monitoring capability alongside monitoring of cable, satellite and terrestrial services, without adding unnecessary extra layers of infrastructure.
Bridge Technologies OTT Engine Now Shipping

Operators of 'TV everywhere' and OTT services can now monitor OTT data quality and performance at all points in the delivery chain, from ingest onwards. In conjunction with the VBC server, data from different sites can be correlated and systemwide performance can be easily understood and monitored through the system’s intuitive graphical displays.

Deployed anywhere in the delivery chain the active OTT technology gives accurate continuous evaluation of OTT stream availability and delivery in that part of the chain. Intelligent self-configuration capabilities ensure minimal set up requirements, without requiring specialist knowledge, and operations center staff can start monitoring streams simply by entering the url.

“Combining OTT monitoring within the same monitoring infrastructure and the same operating environment is an important benefit that reduces complexity and running costs for operators,” said Simen Frostad, Bridge Technologies Chairman. “At the same time, the ability to extend analysis capability to each and every user device is an incredibly powerful thing that has enormous impact on service quality and mean time to repair.”

To achieve comprehensive coverage, Bridge Technologies probes with OTT capabilities can be located after the encoders to monitor stream quality and integrity prior to the CDN, and then at the exit point of the CDN, as well at the ISP and edge networks.

For monitoring of the ‘home network’ – the subscriber’s network of content-reception devices – the Bridge Technologies microAnalytics™ System can be deployed to integrate data gathered from the STB, connected TV, computers, and mobile devices into the operator’s centralized monitoring and analysis environment.

Users can upgrade their probes online to add OTT monitoring functionality to the existing capabilities, while the OTT features are available as an option with all new probes.

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