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Wellcome to a conference in Dnipropetrovsk city! (Registration is completed)

01 February 2012

We invite you to attend consulting and practical conference for cable TV operators and Internet service providers, which will be held February, 28 in Dnepropetrovsk city at Ice Palace of Sports "Meteor" to the address: 27a, Makarova Str., Dnepropetrovsk city.

Wellcome  to a conference in Dnipropetrovsk city! (Registration is completed)



Conference Organizer: "DEPS Ukraine."

Media Partner: Association "Ukrteleset"; journal "Mediasat".


Topics of the conference will be focused on issues of networks building and its developing. Your participation in the conference will let you learn about the latest trends in the market of telecommunications equipment and will get you the most useful and relevant information. The conference will be accompanied by an equipment exhibition.


Conference Program (PDF).


Participation is free, with a mandatory pre-registration. Participants registration is carried out prior to February 22, 2012, inclusive. To register as a participant in the conference, please fill out the form on the site www.deps.ua. (Registration is completed)


After the registration, a confirmation email with an individual number will come to your specified e-mail box . You are to print and present it at the entrance to the conference room.
During the conference special prizes from the "DEPS Ukraine" will be drawn!


Looking forward to seeing you on board!

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