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Ukrainian Deps and Swedish CryptoGuard strikes new partnership

22 October 2013

From October Ukraine number one system integrator welcomes Swedish CAS and SMS provider CryptoGuard as a new partner.

Ukrainian Deps and Swedish CryptoGuard strikes new partnership

CryptoGuard CEO, Kjell Carlsward, say «we are very glad to sign a partner agreement with Deps. Not only are Deps the most competent distributor and system integrator in the country, they also have a great customer list containing many of the Ukraine’s small and medium sized operators and those operators have always been CryptoGuards most important customers.»

«For us, choosing CryptoGuard as a content security partner was a natural step, — Yevheniy Yevtushenko, DEPS Business Development Director, said. — Our aim is to bring the best technology on the local telecommunication market and we believe that CryptoGuard is the right partner to achieve this. With proven track-record of successful projects, CryptoGuard not only provides the best content protection solution, but also can meet the requirements of emerging markets. We have no doubt that introduction of CryptoGuard’s content protection solution will facilitate greatly Ukrainian businesses in succession on pay TV market.»

About DEPS


«DEPS Ukraine» was founded in 1991 and now it’s one of the few modern enterprises that participate meaningfully in the range forming of the national Ukrainian telecommunications market. The company not only delivers leading-edge equipment but also markets modern technological world-class solutions. DEPS is constantly integrating the individual components in the high-end solutions for data networking, cable, satellite, digital and IP TV.

The company has successfully developed several major trends in its business:

  • Distribution of fiber optic cables, active components for optical networks, passive optical components, cable fittings, accessories and tools for building optical networks.
  • A comprehensive integration and distribution of telecommunications equipment, head-end equipment for cable TV, digital and IP TV, VoD.
  • Distribution of equipment and accessories for cable and satellite TV.
  • System integration.

During the years of active work, the company has formed a broad network of partners covering the whole territory of Ukraine.

Website: http://www.deps.ua/


About CryptoGuard

cryptoguard logo

CryptoGuard was established 2007 in Sweden, and since then has been an accepted and recommended solution for DVB encryption services all over the world. Currently, there are over 110 operators using CryptoGuard, reaching over 2 million TV subscribers, and it is used to encrypt content from all major content providers.

CryptoGuard can be used for DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-IPTV. You only need a CryptoGuard compatible STB or CA module for digital television to decrypt the signal.

CryptoGuard provides a flexible business model that gives the customers a powerful tool to maximise their profits and efficiency. The flexible business model means that CryptoGuard will always be the best choice, technically and economically, independently on the size of your operation.

CryptoGuard is a fully featured Conditional Access System and Subscriber Management System (SMS) for DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-IPTV, separately or simultaneously. The SMS allows you to handle subscribers, smart cards, ordering, billing etc.

Website: http://www.cryptoguard.se

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