Samples of the technical solutions

Trilink F6C cable connectors are designed for FinMark coaxial cables of 6 series (F660, F690, RG-6 of same diameter). F6C connectors are designed for critical areas of cable TV networks, headend connections, sub trunk areas, and for DOCSIS cable modems.Nickel-plated brass ensures a reliable contact and corrosion resistance.
First of all, you should correctly cut the cable. Its better to use special equipment (type НТ-332).
Fast Connector assembling step by step guide.

Sequence of operations for installation of bandage tape and tools required for that are as follows.

Here you can see visual connection diagrams for terminal and input-output (Add / Drop) CWDM multiplexers at different network topologies (bus, wye), single and bi-fiber connection.

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