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Optical Cor-X Fast Connector SC/UPS-FTTH Assembly Guide

04 October 2011

Detailed, step by step optical connector quick assembly guide.

Tools required for installation:

  • 1.       stripper
  • 2.       cleaver
  • 3.       sidecutters
  • 4.       marker
  • line


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Connector Preparation for Assembly

    1. Put fibre clamp on the connector so that clamping wedges match into connector slots (see right picture).

sc-upc-ftth_3_deps.jpg   sc-upc-ftth_4_deps.jpg

  2. Push down on the clamp until the corresponding click


FTTH Cable Preparation

  1. Remove cable protective cover so that the length of the fibre in 250 micron protective covering was 45-48 mm.



  2. Using line and marker tag 20 mm long fibre section.


  3. Using stripper remove protective covering beginning from the tag until the end of fibre.


  4. After that shear off optical fibre insuch a manner that the length of the sheared and removed fibre protective covering was 8-9 mm.



  5. Put on the cable part of clamping element in the connector.


  6. Pass prepared fibre in the aperture located at the end on the opposite side of the connector. Slight fibre bending in the opening at the bottom of connector is allowed.



  7. Using metal staple fix the cable in connector.


    8. Press on both sides of fibre clamping in order to fix the fibre in connector, then remove the clamp.


Connector is ready for use


Instruction in PDF. 


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