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VoD Anevia Toucan server

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VoD server Anevia Toucan is designed for record and IP broadcasting of multiple simultaneous flows. Anevia Toucan fully complies with international standards and is fully compatible with the most of IP STB available at the market. In combination with Anevia ViaManager, several Anevia Toucan streamers can be grouped into cluster (with centralized management), thus allowing to serve the unlimited number of simultaneous users.

Anevia Toucan includes a full set of VoD functions and is the most versatile VOD server at the market.

5 VOD functions combined in single 1U server:

  • VOD: storing and viewing the video on demand;
  • nPVR: scheduled record and playback of video programs at the server – bypassing the personal hard drive;
  • Start Over: option of rewinding to start of ongoing TV program;
  • Pause TV: pausing the TV channel, replay, rewind, and fast forward;
  • Catch-Up TV: viewing of TV programs, when their transmission is actually finished.


Application area

Number of simultaneous broadcast streams

Number of simultaneously recorded flows


Hardware platform

Toucan VM

Small companies, hotels



External storage of any size

Any (virtual machine)

Toucan 100

Small operators, hotels



Built-in disk array up to 4 Tb

Anevia server 

Toucan 500

Large operators

Unlimited, depending on hardware platform


External storage of any size

IBM X3650,

HP ProLiant Series 

Recommended server platforms for Anevia Toucan:

HP ProLiant DL 120 G5

HP ProLiant DL 320 G5

HP ProLiant DL 380 G5

HP ProLiant DL 380 G6

IBM X346

IBM X3650

General features

Video format

  • MPEG-2 TS, MPEG-4 (H264)
  • CBR & VBR streams
  • SD & HD

Output format

Multicast or unicast

Output protocols



Record, playback, pause, stop, scheduled record, delayed viewing, support of playlists (regardless of video format)


Fast forward and backward

Stream encoding

Standard Ipsec (AES or Blowfish) with ViaManager


Anevia Quickstream (Web interface) or ViaManager

High availability

With use of ViaManager

Operating system

Linux (built-in to flash memory)

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