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ViaMotion - OTT

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ViaMotion is a complete multiscreen Over-the-Top live and on-demand video solution for telecom carriers, broadcast services providers, and content owners. In order to reach the greatest number of devices possible including PCs, tablets, mobile phones, set-top boxes, and connected-TVs, ViaMotion servers support all the major HTTP video standards including Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Adobe Flash Video for browsers, Google WebM, and the recently standardized MPEG DASH. ViaMotion  through  its range of supported technologies can deliver content to any device, whether PC, tablet, mobile phones, set-top box or a connected TV.

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Solution components

ViaMotion Origin

ViaMotion Origin Server Anevia’s Over-the-Top (OTT) video solution includes the ViaMotion Origin Server for multiplexing and streaming live and on-demand video (VoD) content over the Internet using adaptive bitrate streaming. Picture quality is adjusted to bandwidth availability in real-time to ensure fluid service delivery and images that are always of the highest quality possible relative to the available bandwidth.

ViaMotion Edge

ViaMotion Edge Server In order to provide the optimal end-user experience for TV everywhere, the ViaMotion Edge Server distributes high demand and premium content from the origin server’s head-end to local

ViaMotion Probe

Carrier-grade reliability is achieved through ViaMotion Probe  which continually monitors the OTT system in order to identify quality issues such as faulty video and loss of streams.


ViaManager Monitor is a monitoring and redundancy solution that allows for supervision of all OTT/ VoD infrastructure components including Anevia and third-party network equipment.



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