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1 ViaDemand-VoD 168355 pcs.

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ViaDemand provides video-on-demand (VOD) streaming over IP solutions for telecom carriers, broadcast services providers, and content owners. VOD services can include delivery of premium entertainment content to the masses as well as catering to special interest and ethnic audiences.

With its circular buffer and advanced recording features, ViaDemand VOD servers support advanced IPTV services and time-shifting features such as catch-up TV, nPVR, and pause TV.

ViaDemand Architecture


ViaDemand Streamer

ViaDemand Streamer - Carrier-grade, ViaDemand enables operators to scale up their service infrastructure to match growth. A decentralized architecture allows ViaDemand Streamers to be located close to end-users in order to optimize network utilization.

ViaDemand Balancer

ViaDemand Balancer automatically redistributes content across the network to best meet demand and also provides a host of redundancy feature for high availability.

ViaManager Planner

ViaManager Planner manages the deployment of content based on various criteria as, for example, movie ranking. It also programs the channels recording depending on the date for pause TV.

ViaManager Monitor

ViaManager Monitor is a monitoring and redundancy solution that allows for supervision of all VoD infrastructure components including Anevia and third-party network equipment.


Solution  architecture

ViaDemand Architecture_tech

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