Skinning tool KNIPEX 16 20 165 SB

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Наименование Код Наличие Ед.измерения Цена Количество
1 Skinning tool KNIPEX 16 20 165 SB 168156 pcs.

Model: 16 20 165 SB

    • Designed to remove sheath from all the wide-used round cables
    • Self-opening stop piece
  • Adjustment of cutting depth by means of a set screw
  • Automatic rotating blade for circular and length cuts
  • Replaceable blade in the tool case
  • Hand safety is ensured by soft inserts which prevent hand slipping along the handle
  • Case: plastic, shock-proof
  • Provided with a knife and a hook-shaped blade, including a protective cover
  • Length: 165 mm
  • Cable diameter: 8.0 – 28.0 mm
  • Weight: 85 g

Convenient removal of sheath by automatically rotating blade

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