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There is a large number of professional appliances on the market that are ready to help in tuning of a satellite dish. They often have a wealth of functions that define a lot of signal characteristics, and even can display the image of the received channel.
But in most cases, from the entire set of functions of these powerful devices are in demand only the most basic - determining the level and quality of the signal of the given transponder, using which you tune the antenna.
In addition, for the enormous functional reserve of these devices usually you have to pay a lot of money.
Despite its size, the SF-5 has at its disposal everything necessary for quick and quality installation, as well as the possibility of further expansion of the functional.
Due to low weight and small dimensions , the instrument provides mounting option "on hand". This option allows hands-free for mechanical work of installer and also to see the readings. Attachment for the hand can hold not only the device itself, as well as feeding block of 8 AA batteries.
To connect the device to this feeding block, a special cable is provided. In addition, the option provides the unit power supply through the signal cable from the receiver. To do this, Openbox SF-5 is included in the cable break from the receiver to the LNB converter.

Openbox SF-5 basis features:

  • Very low weight and small dimensions;
  • Mountingoption "onhand".
  • Device feeding through signal cable orblock of 8 AA batteries
  • Possibility to use AA-batteries, in case of the absence or discharge batteries;
  • You can connect to your computer to update the internal list of transponders;
  • ease of operation and reliability
  • Power - 5 Watts
    • 3.5" colour LCD
    • Frequency range − 950 MHz–2150 MHz
    • Signal level -65 dBm ~-25 dBm
    • Power supply LNB - 13/18 V, max 400 m
    • Switching LNB – 22 kHz
    • DiSEqC - 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 USALS
    • RCA video/audio outputs
    • Video decoder - MPEG2
    • Resolution - 720х576, 720x480
    • Video format - NTSC, PAL
    • Audio - MPEG 1&2
    • Audio type -Mono,Monox2, Stereo
    • Serial port -– USB <-> D-sub
    • Accumulator – 1950 mА*h, 12 V
    • Dimensions - 100x180x35 mm
    • Net weight -0.9 kg
    • Cable to connect your PC to update the transponder list in device memory;
    • Paper stickers on the front panel (when the factory satellite list is changed);
  • Possibility to charge accumulator by 220v charger or 12v car charger;
  • Sound and visual indication of the received signal;
  • Memory for 8 satellites and 4 transponders for each one
  • .


  • Frequency range − 950 МHz – 2150 МHz.
  • Modulation type - QPSK.
  • Signallevel -65 dBm ~-25 dBm
  • Measurement data- level
  • Memory -8 satellites and 32 transponders
  • Connecting to a PC- RS232.
  • Power supply LNB - 13/18 V, max 400 mA
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 60 °С.
  • Dimensions - 115 x 86 x 23 мм.
  • Net weight - 0,1 kg.

Complete set:

  • Openbox SF-5 device;
  • cover for mounting "on hand";
  • feeding block of 8 AA batteries (without accumulators);
  • 220vcharger;
  • 12vcarcharger;
  • Feeding cable to connect 8 AA batteries block and the device;
  • compass;
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