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Satellite antennas tuning device TELEMANN 1600

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TELEMANN 1600 is a compact device facilitating fine tuning of the satellite antenna. A list of transponders for 10 satellites was loaded in its memory (up to 300 preprogrammed transponders overall). When tuning an antenna to the necessary satellite, you can select the corresponding transponder of the given satellite and turn the antenna until it is detected automatically with the device. The device is characterized of high performance, managing the analysis in a matter of seconds. Further, the device allows analyzing the parameters (signal level, BER and CNR) of the selected satellite channel that helps to carry out fine tuning of the antenna. Sound signalling of tuning and a level graphic display mode facilitate the process of satellite search.

Screenshots of the main measuring modes of the device are presented in the figures below :


Battery charge display

Satellite position/name


Signal level[dB or %]
Signal quality[SNR, dB or %]



Heterodyne LNB 


Transponder number (TP) [name of provider]/ TP frequency


DiSEqC commands


RS-232 Setup


Analogue satellite channel


950 – 2150 MHz

Unit of measure

dB (dBµV) or %

Input impedance

75 Ohm

Frequency resolution

0,1 MHz

Dynamic measurement range

20dBµV – 90dBµV

Power measurement resolution

1 dB

Power measurement accuracy

± 2 dB (5 – 50°C)

Digital satellite channel, QPSK

Dynamic measurement range

20dBµV – 90dBµV

Symbol Rate

1 – 45 Msps

Code Rate

½, 2/3, ¾, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8


2×10-2 – 2×10-8


3 – 15 dB

Converter power supply

Output voltage

13 V, 18V (±1V)

Max. output current

450 mA

Output signal

22 KHz, DiSEqC

General characteristics

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm

143 x 136 x 54

Weight, g


LCD display

12 х 2 lines

Ni-MH rechargeable battery

7.2 V (1.2V х 6), 2400 mAH

Network adapter

230 V: 12 V, 500 mA

RS232C port

It is possible to load the list of satellites

Memory functions

10 satellites (70 transponders per satellite)
max. 300 transponders

Operating temperature

5 –50°C

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