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TELEMANN 1680S is a compact device with a full spectrum of functions to search for a satellite signal, analyze its quality and tune in to a satellite antenna signal (digital or analogue). The device allows scanning the air according to the list of transponders loaded in its memory (up to 99 satellites) and then analyzing the parameters (power level, BER and CNR) of the selected satellite transponder, or two transponders simultaneously if comparison is necessary. The device is characterized of high performance, managing the scanning and analysis in a matter of seconds.

The device operates in four modes:

  • Antenna tuning mode – in this mode the satellite name, frequency and the transponder number (or its name) and also the signal level (in the form of histogram and numeral value, both in dB and in % of the set value) and quality (histogram + CNR value) are displayed on the device screen. In this mode the following additional functions are available:
  • sat-finder type sound tone signal;
  • indication of converter current consumption;
  • BER value measurement.
  • Simultaneous measurement mode using the two transponders – transponders can be set both for one and for two different satellites. This allows comparing the signal levels corresponding different polarizations or finding a compromise position of antenna for two satellites being in similar positions with a little divergence.
  • Transponders scanning mode – the device is successively scanning all transponders loaded in memory for the current satellite and displays the results in the form of a signal level data list.
  • Signal spectrum analyzer mode- due to the “span” function on the screen can be displayed a range section of width 120, 240 or 600 MHz (with reference to the currently selected transponder), which promotes full analysis of the signal.
  • Setting of the device parameters mode – in this mode the device setting takes place, it can be done both manually and by loading the necessary data (e.g., the lists of satellites) from the computer (RS232C port).


Analogue satellite channel


950 – 2150 MHz

Unit of measure

dB (dBµV, dBmV, dBm) or %

Input impedance

75 Ohm

Frequency resolution

0,1 MHz

Dynamic measurement range

20dBµV (-40dBmV) – 110dBµV (+50dBmV)

Power measurement resolution

0.1 dB

Power measurement accuracy

+/- 2 dB (5 – 50oC)

Digital satellite channel, QPSK

Dynamic measurement range

20dBµV (-40dBmV) – 105dBµV (+45dBmV)

Symbol Rate

1 – 20 Msps

Code Rate

¾, 5/6, 6/7,


2*10-2 – 2*10-8


2 – 16 dB

Spectrum inversion


Spectrum analyzer

Dynamic measurement range

20dBµV – 110dBµV

Span function

120 MHz ,240 MHz, 600 MHz, whole range

Possibility of control


Converter power supply

Output voltage

13 V, 18V (+/-1V)

Max. output current

450 mA

Output signal

22 KHz, DiSEqC

General characteristics

Dimensions (HxWxD), mm

190 x 94 x 47

Weight, g


Liquid crystal display

128 х 64, backlit

Ni-MH rechargeable battery

7.2 V (1.2V х 6), 3600 mAH

Network adapter

230 V: 12 V, 500 mA

USB port

Satellites list loading

Memory functions

Up to 99 satellites (up to 84 transponders per satellite)
max. 1368 transponders

Operating temperature

5 –50oC

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