Multifunctional measuring device MULTITEST MT1030/MT1035

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Measuring devices Multitest:

Multifunctional measuring devices Multitest are intended for adjustment and operation of the CATV systems of any complexity, individual TV antennas, community reception systems, etc. The devices are produced for operation in a standard 47-862 MHz or an extended range of frequencies 5∼870 MHz (under request) that allows to use them for adjustment of the cable systems with a return channel.

The devices allow measuring a TV signal level in a wide range of values of 30-120 dBmkV owing to automatic electronic attenuator. A function of measuring the signal levels for two channels simultaneously facilitates adjustment of AFC inclination. It is also possible to measure signal-to-noise ratio (S/N), audio/video ratio, alternating voltage in a cable. Re-tuning in the range is carried out both by means of the built-in grid, by numbers of programs and by frequency. It is possible to enter a channel number or frequency directly from the keyboard. There are models equipped with the built-in spectrum analyzers and possibility to connect the computer.

Small dimensions and weight, big operation period from accumulators, backlit display provides convenience of operation “in the field".

Brief technical characteristics of Multitest MT1030/MT1035:

It measures: signal level, signal-to-noise ratio, AFC inclination for two channels, video/audio ratio and backbone voltage. It is possible to enter a channel number or frequency directly from the keyboard.

  • Frequency range: 46 – 870MHz (MT1030); 5 870MHz (MT1035);
  • Frequency plan: OIRT D/K;
  • Range of input levels: 30dBmkV – 120dBmkV;
  • Accuracy: ±1.5dBmkV;
  • Input resistance: 75 Ohm;
  • Dimensions: 190×155×85 mm;
  • Weight: 0.8 kg;
  • Operating temperatures range: -l5°С... + 40°С;

Operation period from accumulator: 5 hours.

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