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Multipurpose clamp Crosver PA 37


Nowadays small-sized ADSS cables are widely used in optical distribution networks and they need relevant reliable fastening. Multipurpose clamp Crosver PA 37 can fix not only traditional cables type "8" with a metal bearing element, but also small-sized ADSS cables of various designs: round, flat, like "8" with a dielectric rod. Extended (up to 120 mm) wedges (for cable sheath better contact area ) with many fixing points are used here.

Crosver PA 37 сlamp consists of a plastic housing with captive clamping wedges and yoke of stainless steel wire.

High-strength UV stable plastic, provides secure holding in any environments. For easy hook of fixing rings the yoke loop can be separated. The loop is equipped with a deadeye plastic seal for cable protection and the load distribution.

Crosver PA 37 is designed for different cables fixing:

Round cable , with 5.5mm diameter Crosver-РА-37a
Cables type "8" with a metal wire Crosver-РА-37b
Cables type "8" with a dielectric rod Crosver-РА-37v
Mount coaxial cable with wire carrier Crosver-РА-37g
Flat (oval) cable 4x8 mm Crosver-РА-37d

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