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Tension clamp Crosver PA 2000

Type of cable construction:

Tension clamp (anchor, wedge) Crosver PA 2000 is designed for mounting and suspension of ADSS cables. Diameter of clamping element is 9- 12 mm.

Crosver PA 2000 consists of a plastic housing with extended captive clamping wedges and of stainless steel loop (clamp). High-strength plastic , stable to UV rays, provides a secure fastening in any climatic conditions. Ribbing provides resistance to high mechanical stress, which is important at longer spans.

Elongated wedges have a plurality of locking projections and provide a larger contact area with the cable sheath. Loop (clamp) is removable for easy connection with ring fastenings. There is a koush (cringle) on a loop to protect the stainless steel cable from chafing at the point of attachment.

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