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Wall-mounted telecommunication cabinets series CROSVER-WNC-1-19
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Wall-mounted cabinets CROSVER WNC-1-19 are designed as 19-inch version and meant for wall mounting and subsequent operation at indoor areas (both office and industrial type). They represent the demountable design. Cabinet doors are provided with glass insert. Side panels of the cabinets are easily detachable – for easy access to installed equipment. The cabinets are supplied in parts. Powder-polymer coating.




Dimensions (H x W x D)

Maximum operating depth of the cabinet, mm

CROSVER WNC-1-19-540×450×6U

340 × 540 × 450


CROSVER WNC-1-19-540×450×12U

590 × 540 × 450




Variation limits of operating depth (distance between the front and rear vertical mounting rail) – 210-310 mm, 20 mm step.

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