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TERRA linear amplifier SA412

type of equipment:



  • 4-channel amplifier for signals of satellite TV;
  • For compensation of transit loss in multiswitches and connecting cables of the 4-cable distribution network;
  • Extremely low power demand;
  • Fixed pre-correction of amplitude-frequency response at 4 dB for IF CCTV;
  • Power supply from the trunk through lines of H polarization;
  • Transit current through lines of H and V polarizations.

Technical specifications:



Frequency coverage

950- 2400 MHz


13 -17 dB

Fixed pre-correction of amplitude-frequency response

4 dB

Isolation between channels

> 30 dB

Noise ratio (typical)

< 10 dB

Max. output level, IMD3=35 dB (EN5083-3)*

106 dBµV

In-feed from peripheral power supply

+18 V & 1 A max

Transit current (switchable)

1 Amax

Power consumption from trunk

+12 ÷ +18 V/65 A

Operating temperature range

20° ÷+50°C

Overall dimensions /Weight (in pack)

94x76x34 mm/0.16kg


* in case of in-feed from a peripheral power supply 18 V

Connection circuit:
1.Power supply through an additional connector of the linear amplifier SA412

2. Power supply from  a satellite-based receiver


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