Headend and linear amplifiers TERRA SA501, SA502, SA511

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Наименование Код Наличие Ед.измерения Цена Количество
1 SA501 171140 pcs.
2 SA502 171141 pcs.
3 SA511 171142 pcs.




  • - for the compensation of transmission lossiness of multi-switches and of connecting cables in a 5-cable distribution network;
  • - can be cascaded with the 5-cable system components: shifters, demultipliers and multi-switches;
  • - level adjust of the signal at each input;
  • - adjustable integrated equalizer and two-step amplifier in terrestrial TV channel;
  • - fixed pre correction of amplitude-frequency characteristics by 7 dB (5 dB for SA502) for intermediate frequency of CTB; SA501, SA502
    4-channel head amplifier of CTB and  terrestrial TV channel with integrated switching power supply enabling to provide power: upwards 18 V DC along the lines of H polarization and14 V DC along the lines of V polarization; downwards 18 V DC (commuted), along the lines of H polarization and14 V DC along the lines of V polarization; 12 V DC via Terr. TV input

4-channel linear amplifier of CTB and  terrestrial TV channel; powered by an external source via H polarization lines; pass-through of power supply along V and H polarization lines (commuted via H lines); supply voltage 12 V  at the Terr. TV input (commuted)


Technical characteristics:





Frequency range


950-2400 MHz

Terr. TV

47-862 MHz

Amplification factor

SAT IF, regulated

15-22 dB (0 ÷ -10 dB)

28-33 dB (0 ÷ -10 dB)

15-22 dB (0÷ -10 dB)

Terr. TV, regulated

17 dB (0 ÷ -20 dB)

32 dB (0 ÷ -20 dB)

17 dB (0 ÷ -20 dB)

Pre-correction of amplitude-frequency characteristics’ inclination

SAT IF, fixed

7 dB

5 dB

7 dB

Terr. TV, regulated

0 ÷-15 dB

Reverse isolation


30 dB

SAT/Terr. TV

30 dB

Noise figure, typical

< 9 dB

< 8 dB

<9 dB

Output level IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B) Terr. TV

112 dBµV

116 dBµV

112 dBµV

Output level IMD3=35 dB (EN50083-3) SAT IF

114 dBµV

116 dBµV

114 dBµV

External power supply of devices

via V lines

14 V 0.6 A max


via H lines

18 V 2 A max (commuted)


via Terr. line

12 V 0.1 A max (commuted)


Through current commuted via H lines

2 A max

Power consumption

230 V~50Hz 7 W*

230 V~50 Hz 8 W*

DC 9-18 V 4 W**

Operating temperature range

-20°-5+ 50° C

Dimensions / Weight (packaged)

227x128x53 mm/0.8 kg

170x128x53 mm/0.53 kg



                * without external load by DC; with maximum load by DC - 57 W ** power supply of SA511 from the trunk via H polarization lines

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