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Suspension package Sicame ESMS D

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The suspension clamp package Sicame ESMS D is designed to fix and prevent sagging of the cable of type “8” (with the suspending steel wire or cord) with diameter of the supporting member from 4 to 10 mm.

The package consists of a bracket (high-strength aluminum alloy) and a clamp. The clamp consists of two holding plates tightened by two metal bolts, and a clip-belt of strong polymeric fabric. High-strength polymer stabilized to the effect of ultraviolet rays ensures positive clamping under any climatic conditions. The whole construction is supplied assembled.



Hole for wire А: 4 - 7 mm
Hole for wire B: 7 -10 mm

Minimum breaking force:
F1: 300 kg
F2: 300 kg
F3: 200 kg

Displacement angles:
If displacement angle exceeds 25°, the cable shall be fastened by two tension clamps to prevent overbending

Performance characteristics:
– resistance to vertical stretching: 300 kg;
– corrosion-resistance;
– ultraviolet-resistance: testing for 1500 hours
(according to standard NFC20 it corresponds to 30 years of operation);
– perfect vibration-resistance;
– dimensions (L x W x H): 180 x 100 x 230 mm

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