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Station TERRA CMH3000

Compact module station TERRA CMH3000

Компактная модульная станция TERRA CMH3000


  • All the parameters of modules are controlled by program via data bus;
  • Local or remote control and monitoring on PC base;
  • Extended diagnostics and backup function;
  • Open system architecture gives possibility for easy integration of new components;
  • Excessive backup of station supply;
  • Possibility of “hot” installation and/or replacement of modules.

Technical platform:

Crate of base unit of station CMH3000 has width 19" and height 6U.

Each crate has eight identical slots for eight modules. Power supply feed and control signals, summarizing as per HF output signals and supply of input HF signals is carried out by means of passive bus. Optionally one can install output amplifier and distribution panel of input signals.

Structure of TERRA CMH3000 station:

Структура станции TERRA CMH3000

Data transmission:

One can connect up to 16 crates via one USB port and PC. With the help of manual programmer one can manage up to 16 modules installed in two crates (connection via connector installed on the front panel of power unit).

Supply feeding:

Station modules are supplied from one module of relatively high voltage. This allows realizing backup system of station power supply. Power supply sources can be switched both in parallel and through switchboard for N+1 backup. All supply elements as per DC are built at highly effective pulse transformers.

HF summation:

8-x input HF summator is integrated into each base unit. In case of big installation output signal of HF signal of crate can be amplified by means of buffer amplifier. The further summation as per HF by means of system summator and amplifying of module amplifier of great power.

Injection of HF signals:

Input distribution panel can be completely installed into crate. This allows realizing needs in individual supply with signals of station modules. As well standard versions of distribution panel are available both to carry out redundancy N+1 of channel modules and other standard distribution circuits.

Technical specifications:




Frequency range


47-862 MHz

radio ЧМ

87.5 - 108 MHz


900-2150 MHz

Return channel

5-30 MHz, 5-55 MHz, 5-65 MHz



Frequency range

20Hz - 15KHz


775 mV


Frequency range

20Hz - 6MHz


1 Vp-p / 75 Ohm


Frequency range

47-862 MHz


98 dBµV

S/N, suspended

58 dB

Reflection factor, output

14 dB/40MHz - 1.5 dB/octave


Supply voltage

187-250 VAC

Supply main frequency

50 Hz

EMC compatibility

EN 50083-2

Range of operating temperatures

0 - +50 °C

PC connection

USB port

Examples of TERRA CMH3000 connection