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Splice cassette SSD KT-1645

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Splice-cassette KT-1645 model of SSD (Russia) production is designed for the use of compact KDZS(thermo-protective sleeves). 

Splice cassette is patented. The housing of KT cassette , as well as other cassettes housings have special tags that allow to distinguish the cassettes of SSD production from the counterfeit goods of unscrupulous competitors, whose products do not provide adequate installation quality and can cause damage to the spliced optical fibers.

In the MTOK closures the KT splice cassette can provide the cassette leaf by "rotary bracket" and its fixing by the cassette holder which is inserted into a special socket cap. The cassette design and KT "rotary bracket" provides uniform modules bending when leafing cassettes . In this case the modules get directly to cassette without transport tubes (BFT)


  • КТ – cassette type
  • 16 – cassette capacity
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