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SDI active equipment

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BarnFind BarnMini-01

Manufacturer: BarnFind
Type: BarnMini
This unit has 2xBNC for TX and RX and 1xSFP of any kind. You can choose any SFP for different data rate and reach. Any SFP for the BarnOne series will fit into our BarnMini series.

BarnFind BarnMini-02

Manufacturer: BarnFind
Type: BarnMini
The 2nd version of small box family called which has 2xSFP.

Frame Barnfind BarnOne BTF1-01

Manufacturer: BarnFind
Type: BarnOne
Barnfind platform based on the universal SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) offerings.

Общая информация об оборудовании серии BarnOneGeneral Information about BarnOne Frame

Barnfind goal is to offer the most flexible and affordable infrastructure platform in the Video Business with the greenest technologies available at any time. Barnfind platform based on the universal SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) offerings. The equipment accept all kinds of SFP manufacturers following the MSA standard. Most competitors do non-standard pin layout and are extremely expensive.

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