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16-channel lightning protection Ewimar PTF-16-ECO PoE


The PTF-16R-ECO / PoE is a 16-channel device that combines a  5cat UTP cable system with overvoltage protection, LAN protection, and a PoE power supply line protection from lightning strikes. The system is based on 4-channel replaceable modules, which can be freely selected to create the most optimal device for the needs of each installation.

In this model, there are 4xPTF-4R-ECO modules. On request, the panel can be supplied with various module configurations and different quantities depending on needs. The patch panel has special projections for restraining LAN wires with clamps. Additional holes allow the use of double straps for each wire, which increases the mechanical strength of the connected wires.

The panel is designed to be mounted to a 19 "rack, but it also includes holes for wall mounting, which, when fitted, is protected against mechanical damage and dirt accumulation.

This device protects the LAN against surges caused by lightning, electrostatic discharge, and vandalism.

Ewimar PTF-16-ECO PoE


The ECO series is recommended for CCTV installations in which end devices (cameras, recorders, switches) are located inside the building. To protect external cameras mounted on posts or roofs, use PRO or Extreme panels

In order to achieve full efficiency of the device, it is required to connect to a grounding or PE conductor. It is not recommended to connect the grounding wire to the lightning protection system of the building.

Block diagram:


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