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ARCOTEL remote power supplies (KА6006А-R1, KА6006А-R2, KА6010А-R1, KА6010А-R2 with backup function).

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The power supply (PS) is designed to infeed the supply voltage of 60V, 50 Hz into trunk sections of the cable TV system for remote power supply to amplifying equipment of this system. 
A peculiarity of this series of Arcotel power supplies is that two power supply units may be installed on one segment of the network. These power supply units can be energized from different 220V substations. Automatic equipment of PS operates so that, in case of power fail in the main PS (R1), a backup PS (R2) becomes operative, and the network continues on its functioning. 
To maintain a stable output voltage regardless of variations in the mains voltage of 220V, use is made of a simple but effective ferroresonant regulator. Due to the resonance, there may be heard PS humming which is not a symptom of failure. 

  • Automatic changeover to a backup PS when the main PS fails;
  • Protection against lightning, short circuits, and noise;
  • High reliability and a wide range of stabilized voltage;
  • Two outputs, a possibility of using as a built-in infeed;
  • Built-in amperemeter and voltmeter;
  • A lamp indicating a mode of operation;
  • Easy-to-install and simple-to-operate.


Technical specifications:

Name of parameter


Input voltage

180-250 V, 50Hz

Output voltage

60 V ± 3V, 50 Hz

Output current*

1…6А, 1…10А  acc. to model

Make time of main PS

1 s

Make time of backup PS

3 s

Operative current of output fuse

3-fold excess of output current value

Passband for RF signal

5-862 MHz

Inserted loss of no more than

1.5 dB

Mismatch attenuation

≥16 dB  at 5-550 MHz

≥14 dB  at 550-860 MHz

Operating temperature range

-20…+50 °С

Overall dimensions /Weight

310 х 215 х210 mm / 10 kg (12 kg)

* it is not advisable that PS be turned on with no load, the minimum recommended load current is 1А

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